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The Pre-Columbian Chachapoyas culture, conquered in the 15th century by the Incas, has left a landscape scattered with villages and burial sites which until recently had been largely overlooked by archaeologists. Situated in the cloud forests around the town of Chachapoyas in Peru’s northern Amazonas Department, these sites are dominated by the mighty fortress of Kuelap, perched majestically atop mountain-top cliffs overlooking the verdant Andean landscape. In Chachapoyas, remnants of the past invite discovery by the bold adventurer, and the cultures of the present extend a friendly welcome.




At the indicated time we will transfer in our vehicle to the town of Cocachimba, 1 hour from Chachapoyas, minutes later we will arrive to the town of Cocachimba, from there we will begin the Trek of going for two hours until arriving at the fall of the waters of the mysterious Waterfall of Gocta (771 meters of height considered the third highest of the world) we will arrive at the amphitheater of the Cascade of Gocta. Sighting, taking of photographs, etc., return 2 hours of walk to the Cocachimba Town, tasting of our typical lunch in the afternoon return to the city of Chachapoyas.

  • Distance: 42 km (26 miles)
  • Duration: 8 hours approx.
  • Arrival and reception, transfer to the selected hotel.


We start our trip to the town of Cruz Pata, from this point we Trek 25 minutes to the funeral site of the Sarcophagi of Karajia which are a set of funerary statues, located in an inaccessible rocky outcrop. Then our mobility will take us to Luya – Lamud where we will enjoy a delicious regional lunch. Continuing with our visit in the afternoon we will enter the Cavern of Quiocta where we can observe thousands of stalagmites and stalactites of different shapes and sizes, in this place the ancient Chachapoyas used as a cemetery in the tour we can appreciate bones scattered throughout all environments. Return to Chachapoyas at night.

  • Distance: 52 km ( 32 miles)
  • Duration: 9 hours approx.


In this point we will enjoy our breakfast, then at the indicated hour we will leave towards the fortified citadel of Kuelap after about 45 minutes we will arrive at the archaeological zone of Macro observation and explanation of the housing complex constructed on the slope of a hill, then we will transfer towards the town of Nuevo Tingo, Then to the boarding station and departure platform to board the first electromechanical cable car system in Peru (cable car) these will take us on a 20-minute journey along 4 kilometers, we arrive at the Pampa de Malca, then we will trek about 20 minutes, to enter Kuelap.

In this place a professional guide with ample experience will explain the historical process of Kuelap during the 3 hours that lasts the visit we will cross different places like, ceremonial enclosures, the greater temple, circular rooms, etc. Return by cable car, then lunch and return to the city of Chachapoyas. At night (agreed time) transfer to the bus terminal. End of services.

  •  Travel time: 2h (round trip).
  • Time on the Kuelap cable car: 20 minutes roundtrip and 20 minutes roundtrip.
  • Time of visit to the Fortress: 3 hours, approx.

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