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Located 35 km from the city of Puno, on the shores of Lake Titicaca, in a green field with rock formations (also known as the forest of stones), Aramu muru is considered a sacred, mysterious, mystical and enigmatic place. The construction that stands out the most is the interdimensional door carved in stone of 7 m x 7 m.  The locals say that it is the entrance to the temple of the God Muru or the illumination “Hayu Mark” that leads to another dimension, according to the history of the locals. This tour is recommended for all those who wish to experience the spiritual and enigmatic world.



A small colonial town, where we can visit the temple of fertility or “INCA UYO” where we can see stone phallus sculptures, remains that show us that this place performed ritual ceremonies dedicated to fertility and also as a geodesic-astronomical observatory to define the appropriate times for agricultural activities.


The highlight of this tour is the visit to the enigmatic “Aramuro Muro” that you may have heard on the Discovery Channel and the History Channerl, the same that is said to be a portal to another dimension, and that aroused the curiosity of many researchers and curious, this wall has special features that only ancient people know, we suggest you listen carefully what our guides will explain and you will discover that this tour is much more than you expected.



Our guide and private transport will pick up our clients (passengers) from their hotel in Puno and they will depart towards Chucuito, they will visit the temple of the fertility “Inca Uyo” and the main square of the small town of Chucuito, then we will go towards Aramu Muru or Hayu Marca, with view to the inter-dimensional door, forest of stones and a small Trek and we will take photos.

Arrival at the border of Desaguadero border Peru-Bolivia, time delay 30 min. approx. verification and control in the offices of migration of both countries, (45 min. trip) we arrive at the archaeological complex of Tiahuanaco, Visit to Puma Punku,  lunch in Tiahuanaco.

After lunch, guided tour to the most important sites of the archaeological complex of Tiahuanaco, such as: The Sun Gate, the Stone Museum, the Akapana pyramids, the Semi-buried Temple, Keri Cala, Putuni, Laka Kollu and Wila Pukara, (visiting time 1h 45 min).

Departure to Desaguadero, return to the city of Puno (travel time 2h 30 min.)

What to bring

  • Passport to cross the border to Bolivia
  • Visa to enter to Bolivia, if needed
  • To enter Bolivia, the yellow fever vaccination certificate is required. Please see also our FAQ page.

FAQ - Freaquent asked questions

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